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What We Do

Residential Design

Our approach to residential interior design is both modern and tactile. We like to look at all the possibilities at the very start of a project. As the process progresses we then refine the design so that the end result can be accurately costed.

Office Design

On a practical level, the most important element of the scheme is to balance the design of the display shelving / rails. It is good practice for any retail designer to allow for flexibility within their design. This enables stock to be repositioned for sales, as well as seasonal and festive promotions.

Commercial Design

The dawn of the new century ushered in a deep interest in sustainability. Often referred to as the noughties, post-2010 office designs were a reaction to the excess of the nineties. There was a movement to sustainability that still continues. Eco-friendly was now not just about finding the right sustainable surface, but rather re-purposing existing materials or eliminating the excess.



Space Solitaire Corporate office fort

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Perstorp PVT LTD Lab:

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Seth Developers :

RNA Corporate :

Dheeraj Reality :


Anil Assomoul Residence Churchgate

Mr Jariwala Residence Nepeansea road:

Mr Shiv Dasani Resi worli :

Parikshit Sharma Mahim :

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